Customize Your Balls

Anyone can buy plain old golf balls, but our drag and drop golf ball designer lets you put whatever you want on your balls. Whether it’s your name, your lucky catch phrase, or your boss’ face, give your balls a voice for the first time ever.


Choose Your Package

Dollarball has monthly subscription packages for members of the club, and each includes a selection of brand new, name brand balls for you to customize and have delivered to your doorstep as often as you’d like. If you ever get tired of your design, or want to try different balls, it’s easy to change it up for the next delivery, and you can order as many customized balls as you want.


We Drop Your Balls

If you’re like us, you play golf and are no stranger to losing balls. That’s why we’ll consistently drop customized golf balls on your doorstep, or any doorstep you’d like. With a steady supply coming your way, it’s a perfect way to keep yourself, your clients, and even your dad ready for the next 18.


Play With Your Balls

You’ve designed your ball, selected your package, and your balls are in your hand. There’s only one step left to becoming a member of the club: show your balls to the world by getting out there and playing some golf.

Join Dollarball today to #GetSomeBalls